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Round sterling silver plate 20 mm
Round sterling silver pendant est 20 mm for engraving or stamping
145 kr
145 kr/pce
Sterling Silver Round tag 10 mm - 0.5 mm
Round sterling silver tag 10 mm outside diameter to be used as a trade mark tag delivered with the...
25 kr
1-9 pce10-19 pce20+
25 kr/pce23.00 kr/pce 20.00 kr/pce
Sterling silver Heart tag est 8.2x9.55 mm
Small heart for trademark or for decorations
15 kr
1-4 pce5-9 pce10+
15 kr/pce14.00 kr/pce 12.00 kr/pce
Sterling silver Heart with loop est. 17x19 mm
Heart with a top loop personalize it with engraving or stamped messages with 925 hallmark stamp
95 kr
95 kr/pce
Sterling silver Oval tag est 12x7 mm
Oval trademark tag with the 925 stamp give your jewelry design your trade mark - to small for mess...
13 kr
1-4 pce5-19 pce20+
13 kr/pce12.00 kr/pce 10.00 kr/pce
Sterling silver Name tags 28x7 mm / 1.6 mm
Name tag that is an excellent choice for engraving or stamping names or messages on, give away a s...
120 kr
1-9 pce10-19 pce20+
120 kr/pce108.00 kr/pce 96.00 kr/pce
Sterling silver rectangular tag est 19x5 mm
Sterling silver rectangular tag with two holes tag est 19x5 mm
35 kr
1-4 pce5-9 pce10+
35 kr/pce32.00 kr/pce 28.00 kr/pce
Quality tag est 7 mm - EACH
Small quality tag to be used together with a clasp
5 kr
1-4 pce5-9 pce10+
5 kr/pce4.50 kr/pce 4.00 kr/pce
Round engraved sterling silver tag 10 mm - 10 PCE
Make sure your jewlery designs have your trademark
580 kr
580 kr/pkt
Sterling silver engraved oval tag 12x7 mm - 10 PCE
mall oval tag for logos

We engrave as you type write in capitals or small EVE, eve or both Eve ...
425 kr
425 kr/pkt
Tag with two holes 19x5mm with engraving
Rectangular tag with two hole sterling silver with engraving

We engrave as you type write in ca...
280 kr
1-9 pce10+
280 kr/pce175.00 kr/pce
Round engraved sterling silver tag 10 mm - 10 PCE
Round trademark est. 10 mm with engraving
425 kr
425 kr/pkt