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495 kr / pce
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Material: Sterling silver

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Sterling silver ear-wire - Ivy est. 10 mm
Sterling silver ear-wire - Ivy est. 10 mm
350 kr
350 kr/pair
Adam Necklace porcelain size est. Porslin med läderrem 25 mm
Handmade unique jewelry in recycled hand-cut porcelain
350 kr
350 kr/pce
Sterling Silver Angel charm est 26 mm
This Angel is made by hand and to order, that makes every angel unique and therefore a personal gift
fr.650 kr
650 kr/pce
Sterling silver porselain necklace
Sterling silver porselain necklace
550 kr
550 kr/pce

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Sterling silver Round trigger clasp est 11 mm
This is the most traditional clasp and 10.23 mm is the most common size, well suited both for neck...
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1-9 pce10-19 pce20-49 pce50+
13 kr/pce12.00 kr/pce 10.00 kr/pce 9.00 kr/pce
1 PCE Sterling silver Earring backs
Earring Back light weight for ear stickers with thinner pin appr. 0,8-0,85 mm.
5 kr
1-9 pce10-19 pce20-49 pce50+
5 kr/pce4.50 kr/pce 4.00 kr/pce 3.50 kr/pce
Sterling silver Round trigger clasp - 8.25x5 mm
Trigger clasp 8.5 mm small clasp that is perfect for small pendants or charms
10 kr
1-4 pce5-19 pce20-49 pce50+
10 kr/pce9.00 kr/pce 8.00 kr/pce 7.00 kr/pce
1 PAIR Titanium French ear wire
Nickel Free Hypoallergenic French earwires: Titanium GRADE-1 earwires with long coil for jewelry m...
16 kr
1-4 pair5-9 pair10-124 pair125+
16 kr/pair15.00 kr/pair 13.00 kr/pair 11.00 kr/pair