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Sterling Silver Ear-sticker - Ivy 10 mm in the group JEWELRY / Ear-Wires at Fredrix Design AB / Smyckerian (SSOH39)
Sterling Silver Ear-sticker - Ivy 10 mm
Sterling Silver Ear-sticker - Ivy 10 mm
Sterling Silver Ear-sticker - Ivy 10 mm
Sterling Silver Ear-sticker - Ivy 10 mm

Sterling Silver Ear-sticker - Ivy 10 mm

650 kr /
Sterling silver ear-stickers - Ivy est. 10 mm
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Sterling silver ear-stickers - Ivy est. 10 mm

Inspired by Gotland's landscape flower, we made this Ivy leaf in sterling silver. We cut out the leaf with a machine, but we will do all the finishing of the pendant manually. They are available both with a smooth surface treatment a rough surface made by warming the silver.

The jewelry is assembled when ordering and we always deliver it in a jewelry box on the picture, we will show an example of the box, but color and size may vary. Unfortunately, it's hard to avoid reflections and shadows in the jewelery during photography, but we have tried to reproduce the jewelry as close to reality as possible.
Material: Sterling silver

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