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Sterling silver Chandelier 23.5 mm - EACH in the group SMYCKESDELAR / Örhänges mekanismer at Fredrix Design AB / Smyckerian (SSCHNDL06)
Sterling silver Chandelier 23.5 mm - EACH

Sterling silver Chandelier 23.5 mm - EACH

45 kr / pce
Buy 22 pce or more for 41 kr/pce
Buy 36 pce or more for 36 kr/pce
Buy 72 pce or more for 32 kr/pce
Use this in you're earring design or a a separate pendant in a necklace.
9 pce
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Use this in you're earring design or a a separate pendant in a necklace, you can easily decorate them with beads and attach them with a head pin or an eye pin
925 mark:No
Height:23.50 mm
Width:17 mm
Hole size est.:1.80
Weight:0.650 gr / st
Material:Sterling silver
Place of origin:EU

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