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Conditions of Use

Here you will find information about things that may be helpful to know and to help you feel confident in your purchase with us, such as our purchase terms, delivery method, withdrawal, and guarantees.


In order to shop with us, you must be 18 years. By submitting your order, you agree that your name and personal details are recorded in our customer database. / Fredrix Design AB conveys never distribute personal information. When you complete your order a order confirmation will be sent to your email address. The acknowledgment will find all information about products, pricing, billing and shipping address. Is something wrong in order, you should immediately contact us via e-mail to or call 08-608 2008 88th If you have not received an order confirmation within 24 hours you are welcome to contact us.


All prices are in Swedish kronor, EUR, NOK or USD and for SEK and EUR the prices are including the VAT (currently 25% books 6%)

Your receipt or invoice are enclosed with your shipment or sent to you via email. We reserve the right to price changes caused by the change in prices from suppliers, misprint in the price list, and errors in prices due to inaccurate information and reserve the right to adjust prices. Of course, we will contact you if you have received the wrong price on your order confirmation and you have the right to cancel your order.

Please note! local customs fees, taxes and other handling charges may apply for non-EU countries and is always paid by the consignee.

Payment Options

Secure payment ($ 0)
Your online payment is secured by Smyckerian / Fredrix Design AB using payment services from DIBS ( and the Bank. DIBS system is approved by all Swedish banks and certified according to PCI DSS by Visa and MasterCard for arranging payment transactions in the highest security. All communication between the store and your bank is handled by DIBS and encrypted via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). The payment is processed on a secure page, you can see by the address on the payment page begins with https: / / and you see a padlock in the lower right corner of your browser. Smyckerian / Fredrix Design AB has therefore never have access to the card information and therefore can not record or store your card details.

DIBS also supports 3D Secure to identify the cardholder for purchases on the Internet, thereby reducing the risk of misuse of card details. If your card is connected to the 3D Secure, you will be switched over to your bank for verification before payment is approved. Do you have further questions about security or payment, please contact Smyckerian / Fredrix Design AB Customer 08-6080888 or by e-mail
We accept the following debit and credit cards: Visa and MasterCard
Invoice, pay 14 days in arrears (25 kr) SveaWebPay

If paying by invoice, we work with Svea Ekonomi AB. To act against an invoice, you must enter your social security number or corporate identity. Prerequisite to act against the bill include that you are in the population register in Sweden and is over 18 years. You have no credit history. All invoices are Smyckerian transferred to Svea Ekonomi AB. Invoice payment terms are 14 days. If payment is late payment fee by the amount allowed by law, fn SEK 50 excluding VAT, and the cost of 2% per month. For non-payment invoice sent to collection

Originally released - Sweden Originally released

Svea Ekonomi AB offers you that, after approved credit happens after you enter personal information in the checkout, take out an account credit agreement on the conditions stipulated by the General Conditions annexed to the account agreement. An account agreement means that you get a credit that can be used to purchase from the Svea affiliated suppliers. For every time you make payment to the Svea so you can occupy the same credit line as you amortise for other purchases during the period of account credit agreement. The credit offer is the amount specified in the account agreement. The credit period you select by ticking the option that suits you best. You agree that within the credit period to repay the entire loan. This means that every month you must pay at least the amount shown on the choices you made. Of course you can pay more or pay the entire loan in one go without spending anything extra. If you want to use that credit facility during the credit period for the second purchase will - of the credit must be fully funded within the agreed credit period the minimum monthly payment would be increased. The shorter the remaining credit, the higher the monthly minimum payment. Do you keep the same minimum monthly payment you can contact Svea on telephone 08-7352969 and apply for extended credit. For technical reasons, the Svea, if you use the overdraft facility for multiple purchases to suspend the bill you separately for the various purchases. Of course, you do not have to, if so, to pay for more than one notification fee per month. If you do not particularly notice Svea Svea will be on your behalf to pay for your purchases with Smyckerian. Do you have any questions, please call 08-7352969 for details.

Please note that the bill comes in a separate envelope and not be in your package.
Direct Payment - Swedbank (£ 0)
This option is for those who are connected to the Internet banking at Swedbank. When you choose to implement an order, call directly to your online bank, where you can log on as usual. You agree that the purchase, and the money deducted directly from your account when you approve the transaction.

PayPal ($ 0)
PayPal has developed from the ground up to be one of the safest ways to send money online. Unlike other financial institutions, our payments are sent without any financial information. In fact, PayPal never disclose or sell your financial information to business partners. Read more about PayPal

Returns / Warranty / Return be

Return policy 14 days (Private)
We follow the laws and regulations that exist in the field of distance and doorstep selling, the so-called Distance and Doorstep Sales Act. This means that you have a period of 14 days from the date you received the product cancel your purchase, you will then notify us within 14 days and bear the cost of the return of the goods undamaged and unused condition. You will bear the transport risk. When we received the returned products and found that it is not damaged, we will refund within 20 days of equivalent amount to you. When buying a product to be manufactured or significantly altered after the consumer's specific needs or who otherwise have a clear personal imprint does not apply to withdrawal

Return policy 14 days (business)
Is the product discontinued, and not a specially commissioned article or be tailored to desired length such as chains, please contact us for any return. When return is accepted as one credited with child in to your account in the shop and deducted automatically by the next order.

Send your return to:
Fredrix Design AB
Fide Anderse 212
623 36 Burgsvik

Do you have questions about your return, please contact our customer service.
Phone: +46703336579 (non-holiday Monday-Thursday, 9-16) or via

In order to allow recovery, we need your banking information, bank name, routing number and account number, the product is paid with the card refunded amount to the card account.

Of course you have warranty on the products you purchase with us. At least one year and for all, individuals and businesses. As an individual subject to the konsumentköplagen which gives you the warranty of up to 3 years you can read more about this on the Consumer Agency's own website. Tell us why you are not satisfied with the product and indicate how you believe that a product is faulty. When the product is faulty or delievered we stand for return shipping.

Send your complaint to:
Fredrix Design AB
Fide Anderse 212
623 36 Burgsvik

Do you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact, you can reach us at telephone +46703336597 or via

Smyckerian follow at Consumer complaints and, if possible. dispute, our policy is to comply with the National Board for recommendations
Delivery / Shipping costs

Shipping costs

We apply the free shipping for private individuals on all orders over 750 SEK on orders less than the amount we charge a flat shipping amount of SEK 35.

Enterprise customers with an activated account with us will pay a fixed fee of SEK 95 and delivery is the Post's letters COR or Corporate packages. As a company, you can opt out of COR and use the item letters but will then take self-delivery risk.

Following the Swedish post-office price-list.

Non-EU countries:
Local customs fees, taxes and other handling charges may apply for non-EU countries and is always paid by the consignee.


On orders with billing or credit card payment we will deliver same day if the order reaches us before 13:00 for Monday to Thursday and, unless otherwise stated in the article. Advance delivered and set aside your goods until we receive your payment. Keep in mind that it may take 2-3 days before your payment reaches us.

Your goods are delivered by mail letters or packages. Shipping and other add-ons do you have already checkout, no hidden charges.
Availability and balance
Availability and balance.
You will find the stock status of every product and all products are normally in stock at Smyckerian. In case of delivery delay notify you of this.

Part delivery.
If one or more products backordered on your order you will be notified in advance and can choose how you want to do. We traveled notes are not normally a product is out of stock.
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In connection with your registration and ordering you agree that we store and use your information in our activities to complete and provide the services you expect from us. According to PDA (Personal Data Act), you are entitled to receive the information that we have registered for you and if you think it is incorrect or irrelevant, you can request correction or deletion from our records. If so, contact our customer service. We also declare that we will not sell or transfer personal data Q & A »