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Bead caps


Bead caps are used on either side of a bead to hold beads in place as well as adding a beauty of their own to a piece. They work beautifully with our Swarovski crystal and pearls.

The price is per peace if not other is noted on the product!

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Sterling silver Bead cap small 4 mm 1 gr
Small bead cap est. 4 mm YD, 1 gr est 16 st
40 kr
1-4 gr5-9 gr10-49 gr50+
40 kr/gr36.00 kr/gr 32.00 kr/gr 28.00 kr/gr
Sterling silver Bead cap small 6 mm - 10 PCE
6 mm plain sterling silver beadcaps for 8 mm beads and up
60 kr
1-4 pkt5-9 pkt10-24 pkt25+
60 kr/pkt54.00 kr/pkt 48.00 kr/pkt 42.00 kr/pkt