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Sterling silver diamond cut cable chain est 1.20 mm 38 cm in the group FINDINGS / Chain with clasp at Fredrix Design AB / Smyckerian (SSKJANK120-38)
Sterling silver diamond cut cable chain est 1.20 mm 38 cm
Sterling silver diamond cut cable chain est 1.20 mm 38 cm

Sterling silver diamond cut cable chain est 1.20 mm 38 cm

79 kr / pce
Buy 5 pce or more for 71.00 kr/pce
Buy 10 pce or more for 63.00 kr/pce
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This 1.2mm Sterling Silver diamond cut cable or Anchor chain is suitable for smaller charms or pendants
29 pce
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One of our most popular and versatile styles is this 1.2mm Sterling Silver diamond cut chain, also known as a Cable and Anchor chain. It features a series of simple oval shaped links enhanced further with diamond cutting this to create alternating facets along the edge of each link to allow light to reflect nicely for a luxurious sparkle.
This chain can be worn as an everyday chain either on its own or with any lightweight pendant of your choice.
925 mark: Yes
Measurem. est.: A=1.20 mm
Material: Sterling silver
Place of origin: EU

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