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Sterling silver diamond cut cable chain est 3.10x5.65 mm 70 cm in the group FINDINGS / Chain with clasp at Fredrix Design AB / Smyckerian (SSKJANK31-70)
Sterling silver diamond cut cable chain est 3.10x5.65 mm 70 cm

Sterling silver diamond cut cable chain est 3.10x5.65 mm 70 cm

269 kr / pce
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The Popcorn chain is made of concave shaped links and looks more contemporary and sleek when compared with other classic styles such as the Curb, Rope and Belcher chains.
1 pce
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A stand out feature of a Popcorn chain necklace style, is that of the weight versus width ratio. When comparing against other chains of a wider appearance, the Popcorn chain is able to maintain a wider appearance but still be significantly lighter.
For the wearer, this simply means that they can fashion a look with a wider chain and it can be comfortable to wear around the neck, effortlessly.
You might wonder, if it isn’t comparatively as heavy, is it a Hollow chain? Not at all and there’s a reason for this. Structurally, hollow chains on the outside appear solid but inside there is a continuous tunnel of space. But here the Popcorn chain is designed more resourcefully. You see the clever innovative craftsmanship of this modern style of chain features individually solid, concave-shaped links which are clustered together and then evenly spaced out on each row. This pattern is then repeated on each row thereafter. The beauty or the magic of the chain is a combination of the use of the link itself and the space around it.
The result of this spacing also means it is a lot more flexible and versatile in comparison to other tort and structured chains such as an Omega or Rope chain.
Smooth and silky to touch
The outer part of Popcorn links are traditionally highly polished and dome shaped and our current selection of Popcorn chains feature this version of the Popcorn chain, where each link feels silky smooth and irresistible to touch.
925 mark: Yes
Measurem. est.: A=5.6 mm B=3.10 mm
Weight: 0,565277778 gr / st
Material: Sterling silver
Place of origin: EU

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