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Quality tag est 7 mm - 10 PCE in the group FINDINGS / Clasp at Fredrix Design AB / Smyckerian (SSQtag)
Quality tag est 7 mm - 10 PCE
Quality tag est 7 mm - 10 PCE

Quality tag est 7 mm - 10 PCE

20 kr / pkt
Buy 5 pkt or more for 18.00 kr/pkt
Buy 10 pkt or more for 16.00 kr/pkt
Buy 20 pkt or more for 14.00 kr/pkt
Small quality tag to be used together with a clasp
10 pkt
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Small quality tag to be used together with a clasp
925 mark: Yes
Weight: 0.03 gr / st
Material: Sterling silver

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Sterling silver Tube ending for cord 4 mm - 1 PAIR
This sterling silver ending, for cord from 4 mm and is easily attached with some glue
36 kr
1-4 pair5-24 pair25-49 pair50+
36 kr/pair32.00 kr/pair 29.00 kr/pair 25.00 kr/pair
Toggle clasp loop 9.4 mm OD incl.ring, 14 mm YD
The simplicity in this silver toggle clasp is going to make it a favorite among beaders.
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120 kr/pce108.00 kr/pce 96.00 kr/pce 84.00 kr/pce

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Crimp tube 2x2 mm ID est. 1.5 mm i äkta silver.
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10 pce Sterling silver open jump rings 4.35 mm/0,8 mm - HARD
Open jump rings make versatile connectors for your jewelry and can be used for many purposes,
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1 PCE Sterling silver Earring backs
Earring Back light weight for ear stickers with thinner pin appr. 0,8-0,85 mm.
5 kr
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1 PAIR Sterling Silver Glue-On Earring Post 5 mm
This ear sticker has a plate for glue-on dekorations
16 kr
1-4 pair5-9 pair10-124 pair125+
16 kr/pair14.00 kr/pair 13.00 kr/pair 11.00 kr/pair