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TierraCast Clasp set - Bali - Brass-plated in the group FINDINGS / Clasp at Fredrix Design AB / Smyckerian (94606127)

TierraCast Clasp set - Bali - Brass-plated

25 kr / pce
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Antique Brass If you want a clasp that works as part of your design but is small enough to be used in a bracelet
17 pce
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Finish your next design with a touch of sun using this TierraCast Bali-style toggle clasp. This clasp features a versatile silver shine that would make a great accent for necklaces and bracelets in any color palette. The clasp features a beaded sunburst pattern on the loop and a small circle of beads on the bar. A toggle clasp makes an interesting finish for any design and is easy to hook and unhook.

Created using state-of-the-art technologies in the United States, TierraCast pewter beads, clasps, and other jewelry-making components are all lead-free and of the highest craftsmanship.

All of our pewter beads is lead-free and nickel safe our plating is done with silver, gold, copper and brass to create a stunning finished product. Incorporate these cost-effective components into your designs as an alternative to precious metal.
Height: 6.25 mm
Width: 20 mm
Measurem. est.: Height:6.25 mm Width:20 mm Loop ID:1.25 mm
Hole size est.: 1.75 mm
Material: Pewter
Place of origin: USA
Please note!: All of our TierraCast products are lead-free and Nickel safe!

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