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"Find all the beading tools and jewelry supplies you need to make great beaded jewelry. Click on each beading or jewelry tool category for specific tools, descriptions, and pricing."

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Xuron Four in One Bead Crimping Plier
Xuron® -- a bead crimping plier that precisely crimps/folds 1, 2, and 3 millimeter crimp tubes
295 kr
Xuron Side cutter
An excellent cutter for hobbies, crafts and bead stringing.

Rated for cutting soft wire up t...
149 kr
Xuton Chain nose plier
Xuron® - Provides the strength to grip, hold and form wire
245 kr
Xuton Round nose plier
Xuron® - Used for looping and forming wire.
295 kr
Xuton Tweezer nose plier
Xuron® - Very fine, precise "tweezer" like tips will handle the most delicate parts
349 kr